Basically your future dreams boil down to settling down somewhere and raising/supporting a happy family, amirite?

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Nah, I don't want to have children/a family.

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I just want to have a better job so I can stop worrying about paying the bills. The rest I shall wait and see.

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I'd much rather find a partner who wishes to travel as much as I do.

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I just want to be rich... With no kids.

A family doesn't mean you have to have kids, you can have a wonderful family of just you and your spouse :)

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Travel before I'm tied down to anyone, and if I have significant other by then who wants to do so with me, then coolio. Other than that I'm not entirely sure.

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This post was made after watching "It's a Wonderful Life" yesterday for the first time. Such a beautiful portrayal of how relationships and family are valuable enough to sacrifice everything else. Of course, only one opinion, but to me, sacrificial and unconditional love is the greatest gift and meaning of living. Money or adventures or anything else pales on the cosmic scale

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I took the slash to mean like and or


That could fall into supporting a happy family couldn't it?

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