Before a movie, it would be helpful if they showed pictures of the main characters and their names so you don't get confused, amirite?

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Ha, I wouldn't remember that shit.

Figuring that out is part of the fun.

it wouldn't be nearly helpful for the film adaptation of a hundred years of solitude. or the book.

For Phonebooth, Saving Private Ryan, Identity and Se7en doing this would be a spoiler.

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They did this in Scott Pilgrim vs the world

Just to clarify, I know that sometimes it will be a spoiler to show some characters, and they would obviously be left out. But when a movie just jumps straight into the action, without really properly introducing characters, it can get confusing and jumbled.

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I loved reading the Eragon series because it listed all of the characters and places in the back, so if you got confused you'd just check back in the glossary.

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Reminds me of reading play-like books in school- (raisin in the sun) (romeo&juliet) where the character list had descriptions & it made understanding so much easier! Ex: PINKSPONGE {amiriter} - creator of great ideas

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When there are more than 2 characters with indescript features (like several 40-something white brunette males) I find myself getting so confused I stop paying attention.
The only problem with this I keeping it from looking corny.

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This will only help retards. But then retards dont watch movies because they dont know what a movie is.

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