You have at least one friend of the oppisite sex that you can never see yourself being more than friends with, amirite?

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I have one friend like that, we agree that we could never see each other that way, but if I were single and he was interested I'd give him a chance anyway, I do not believe in friendzoning...I am a girl and have been friendzoned but have never friendzoned someone else...If we're really friends, and we give it a go but it doesn't work then our friendship will still be intact. If we can't be friends because it didn't work, we were never really friends to begin with. That's the way I see it, anyway.

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And it makes me feel like shiiiiiiiit

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Well duh, it's not like I would want to date all of my female friends.

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And that, friends, is where the friendzone stems from.

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