Girls: You have hid clothes you wanted to buy at the store for later purchasing, amirite?

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I've always just taken whatever I wanted, and hid it on some random hanger in the boys' section.

BellaDolores avatar BellaDolore Yeah You Are +12Reply

My sisters and I call it "poor man's hold". Which is funny bacause you don't need to pay to put things on actual hold.

Graverottis avatar Graverotti Yeah You Are +4Reply

I always fold it up really small and stick it either with the jeans or hang it on a rack with ugly clothes

Wunderscores avatar Wunderscore Yeah You Are +3Reply

This reminds me of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Anonymous +2Reply

It's horrible when someone realises what you've done and your item has gone from its hiding place :(

Cedzs avatar Cedz Yeah You Are +1Reply

I did that with a toy when I was little... someone found it ,__,

I do that... but with books at the library...

Too selfish :o

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