Men like big boobs and tight pussies because they have big mouths and a small dick, amirite?

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I don't get why some people are getting their knickers in a twist... the majority of men do like big breasts and tight vaginas. It's just a joke

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Oh really? Well women like big dicks because they're sluts and their pussies are already so loose. See, I can make obscene generalizations too.

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Large breasts are favorable for a number of reasons. They are more fun to play with because the larger mass of boob jiggles around more. Also, they give way better boob jobs (if you're into that) because they can actually wrap around the penis. Oh, and of course there's motorboating. Ever try that with an A-cup? Probably doesn't really work.

As for a tighter vagina, that one should be obvious. The tighter it is around the penis, the more pleasurable it is. It has nothing to do with the overall penis size. A tight vagina for a large dick would be different than a tight vagina for a small dick. Either way, tighter is better.

So there's your real explanation. And if you want to be sexist, then you have to accept it back. So women are the ones with big mouths because you never shut up about things that we as men really do not care about. And what's wrong with a small dick? Size doesn't matter right? Oh wait, I forgot. Women don't have to say what they really mean, and lying is fine for them. Of course.

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