Uncertainty has a way of messing you up. If you are not confident in your own decisions you'll always go to the "What if" scenario and we all know how annoying that is, amirite?

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What if scenarios are usually good for me, but I guess I just think what if the worst possible thing had happened. For example; "Well I didn't arrive on time, but what if I had rushed and killed a child's puppy? Then that child may have grown up with a hatred in his heart, which would grow stronger each day as he conditioned his self to exact his revenge. One day in the future when I least expect it, that child could of hunted me down and killed my family in front of me and used their skins as masks to taunt me. And instead of ending me there he'd leave me trapped tied to a radiator where no one can hear me with the faceless corpses of my loved one. Im so glad I didn't speed here."

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