The American Liberal media is so unfair toward politicians. With trippy questions like "What newspapers do you read", how can their opponents even stand a chance? Amirite?

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Well, seeing as she wanted to be president it's probably best she keep up on current events.


Bonslyguy, the media is unfair to both sides.

While it's true that American media overall Liberal friendly, there's nothing stopping you guys from putting in more Conservative programs. How about the opposite of Modern Family and glee? Where its focuses on the traditional anti-gay, Christian family that hates welfare and loves self reliance.

Sure viewers won't watch stuff like that, but that's not the media's fault; they just showing what the country wants to see.

And if you guys want the media to be biased towards you, start working at it and stop blaming everyone else.

If you're the side of "self responsibility", or however you sell it, start acting like it.

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I thought it was referring to the Sarah Palin incident but I could be wrong.

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Jodie, did you just criticize a Conservative? You can't do that at all, since it just adds to the total unfairness and oppression that they've had.

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Nah it made my argument. People won't watch because they don't like it period. They'd rather watch shit that just so happens to support more liberal values.

Conservative media versus Liberal media and liberals won. People have to accept that and get over it.

There is no hand of Obama or Clinton or a secret group of Liberals controlling the media to brainwash us into Liberalism, like Republicans are making it to seem whenever they talk of the "Liberal Media". The media is the way it is because that’s what the country wants. So to complain about that would be like claiming the country is unfairly targeting Conservatives merely for just electing "Liberal" Obama.

Yea you have FOX News, and it seems as though that's all Americans want. So unless you can find a way to make Conservative media more popular, stop putting so much blame on the Liberals and how "unfair” they are. There was no magic Liberal hand that made Liberal media more popular- the people of America made that decision. And if you guys can't make as popular programs, that's your problem, boo hoo.

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Self responsibility is related to this argument because it makes up about 90% of what Right Wingers say. "Obama wants to take your hard earned money" "We need to change this lazy country to one of self responsibilty", "There's too many whiners on welfare who need to realize their situation and start figuring shit out"
"People have to stop blaming others and start taking respinsibility"

Great, now if only they could take their own advice when it comes to not getting what they want in media.

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Trippy? People still use the word trippy? I'm YYA because of that!

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