There are a few songs you skip when listening to music in public because you don"t want anyone to know you're listening to it. Even if you're sure no one else can hear you're music, amirite?

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Wait, wait! How did you discover that I am music?!

"everybody knows that my rhymes are really tight, like an extra large condom on my penis; that's right! 25 inches long, and 12 inches thick, I am the Anthony Hawkins of cock, the Albert Einstein of dick"

"I met Dolly Parton i the state of Kentucky, she said I brought some chicken if you just fuck me, I came in her mouth, it was a crisis! I gave her my secret blend of herbs and spices!"

Jon Lajoie and Afro Man are geniuses.

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Depends on the situation. Like with "Closer" by NIN I freaked out once when it started playing because I was surrounded by little children. Otherwise I don't much pay attention.

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