Never use superlatives in a post because there's always going to be that annoying commenter saying something along the lines of "Yeah, I'm pretty sure cancer is worse.", amirite?

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sometimes it's fun to overreact to people just to mess with them, like

"There's nothing better than a sunset on the beach!"

"REALLY? you don't think world peace is better than a fucking SUNSET?!?! What kind of sick monster are you?"

For some reason the first time I read this, I got "Never use superlaxatives" and was confused. Then, I read it again and it made more sense.

Or "The Holocaust".

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My favorite phrase about this is "Never and always are two words you should always remember never to use."

I don't even know if that relates. /sleep deprived

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What's a superlative?

@Blucatt What's a superlative?

I didn't know what a superlative was and I'm 18 :(

@Blucatt What's a superlative?

No, superlatives are not "good, better, best." Only best would fit. It's like senior superlatives, where someone wins "MOST likely to succeed" or "BEST hair." People don't win superlatives of "Good Eyes" or "Better Hair"

@Blucatt What's a superlative?

Okay, so what is a superlative?

@Blucatt What's a superlative?

I learnt superlatives in 5th grade.

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