You've drank dihydrogen monoxide, amirite?

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They've found it in the body of EVERY SINGLE person who's died of cancer. I just don't know.

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Dihydrogen Monoxide has been present at every school shooting and in the bloodstreams of every terrorist. I'm pretty sure Lance Armstrong was hopped up on some too.

One lady drank some for a radio contest to win a Nintendo Wii and died.

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I'm not disagreeing because I haven't done this; I'm disagreeing because no shit.

No, I don't give in to peer pressure. Anyone who does that kind of thing is an idiot and won't get far in life.

Dihydrogen monoxide is a serious pollutant. Why would you ever drink that? :|

I used to but then somebody told me it was the preferred drink of psychopaths so I stopped.

I like it so much that I don't just drink it, I bathe in it.

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My mom actually MADE me drink it when I was a kid!

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@My mom actually MADE me drink it when I was a kid!

Back in the days when asbestos was standard in buildings.

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Is anyone else finding it odd that EVERY SINGLE COMMENT has one anon downvote?

You guys have all had shitty experiences with dihydrogen monoxide. I left a bottle of it by my bed and got laid.

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I feel like this is a post designed to make people look like idiots and dihydrogen monoxide is actually something really common that most people drink. Is it?

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I can't tell if you're a troll or not... Di means two... H2 mon means 1 O put it together and Wow! water! H2O.. hydrogen dioxide is a super oxide called hydroperoxyl radical

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Wait I'm confused. I thought dihydrogen monoxide was water...

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@facepalm You sir, are a genius.

Firstly, darling, I'm a girl. And secondly I was confused by all the negatives comments saying it was dangerous. And yeah, I feel like an idiot now

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