You've never sniffed the back of your cell phone. amirite?

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Well now I really want to.

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I did, actually, twice. The first time was when I first got it. I was being weird, or something, and just sniffed it. I don't remember why, but I remember it smelled like plastic. And I did it again just now after I read this post. It still smells a bit like plastic, but also like cotten candy for some odd reason. The weirdest part is that I haven't had cotten candy in the whole time that I've had this phone...

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...I really don't know if I have or not...

I have before because I took the battery out and it smelled bad.

I just did... it actually smelled pretty good

Marys avatar Mary Yeah You Are +3Reply

Well not until now...

I always do...is that weird? I smell everything, my sense of smell is really sensitive

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It smells like teen spirit.

I did just now. It smells like my lavender-vanilla lotion.

SuperSukhs avatar SuperSukh Yeah You Are +1Reply

Actually one time I had a scratch and sniff sticker on the back of my phone, so I have smelled my phone.

smells like garlic

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I did when I first got it. I felt like I could smell the electricity O.o

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