America's system for rehabilitating mental health patients is seriously flawed. You can't help a Schizophrenic with his problems by locking him up in what resembles a fucking prison for six months and sending him home with massive medical bills, amirite?

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I agree that it's flawed, but we don't know alot about the brain. If someone could be a hazard to themselves or others, sometimes all we can do is provide them a safe place and medications. The only way we can learn more about the brain is by studying it, and a lot of people are unwilling to be studied.

How is it in other countries?

Well, there's not really a lot we can do for Schizophrenics. My grandma has paranoia schizophrenia, so she thinks everyone wants to kill her and refuses to take medication. The best we're doing her right now is sending her to old folds communities, but she keeps getting kicked out.

What are we supposed to do?

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