Larger clothes should cost more because they use more material, and it would be a good way for stores to make more money and people to be motivated to stay fit, amirite?

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Oooh. Yeah I change my vote..


More importantly, why should the company have to take the loss on buying more material in order to have a flat rate for those who are larger?

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In theory yay :D in practice boo :(

A lot of times they do cost more. I was watching some makeover show and the woman on it said she's not motivated to dress well since she has to pay more for larger clothes (or something like that).

Bigger size=unhealthy.

You're saying someone with long legs who needs pants that use more material should have to pay extra so they'll be motivated to "stay fit"?

Yeah, no.

On one hand, someone along the line is going to be penalised for the material. If the retailer gets a bulk price so everything is the same, as does the wholesaler, and all the middlemen along the way, the manufacturer gets it in the shorts. For example, if he can sell ten thousand small shirts with one tonne of cotton, at $10 each, but only seven thousand large shirts with the same material, but is forced to sell at the same price, then he loses out. If this is passed onto the farmer, the overall price of cotton drops so he loses out. Someone along the way will lose out, unless things are sold according to how expensive it was to make them.

Also, in designer clothes, you're paying for the label (seriously, the label. Not even the design, just the little tag) more than the material.

This should only count for small companies which need to pay the manufacturer more for bigger sizes, and for ridiculously expensive material like some kinds of fur and silk. More importantly, those who don't already make huge profits.

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