Sometimes you just want some of the simple things in life. Such as: A fluffy blanket, a teddy bear, a cup of hot chocolate, and TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION, amirite?

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When I read this I thought it was an unlinked unoriginal post.
Quick Google proved me wrong. I'm surprised. Good job.

AdonisBatheuss avatar AdonisBatheus Yeah You Are +3Reply

I'll just have pudding.

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Runys avatar Runy Yeah You Are +3Reply

This sounds like something an annoying 12 year old would write.
No offense.

Anonymous +1Reply

This post= Hitler as a child

lolgirls avatar lolgirl Yeah You Are +2Reply

World domination is overrated. I'll stick with the teddy bear.

Would've been funnier if you didn't capitalize it. Subtlety can enhance humor.

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