After job searching for a while with no luck, its hard to not think that you couldn't find a job if you offered to work for free, amirite?

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Aw.. Like I'm not even looking for a fancy job or anything. Anything in fast food would be fine but no one seems to be hiring.

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I think a big thing is that everyone has taken up all of the summer jobs for now, in a few weeks all the college kids will be heading back to school, and more positions will open up. I'd say that you should try then; in the meantime just improve your resume, keep your hopes up, and keep on looking.


Thats what I'm hoping for.

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Me too! I've applied to so many grocery stores and fast food places, I really need a job too but they're all full. :/


The thing is, I go to a city with tons of colleges. If I wait till fall, all the college students will come back and take the rest of the jobs :/

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So I think I figured it out, YOU have to pay them. Then they'll hire you.

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To be fair, they probably already have taken most of them. Work study students have to have their stuff ready a little while in advance, so that it's ready for the fall semester. It sucks on your end, though. D: Just have realllllly good qualifications? S:

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