It took Harry seven years, destroying eight horcruxes, losing countless friends and allies, when all along all he had to do was call up Mary Poppins, amirite?

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@iamthewalrus what?

So you didn't see the opening ceremony, huh? You really missed out!

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I'll correct myself. It was only seven horcruxes.

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Part of the Olympics opening ceremony was a scene where a little girl was reading in bed, then all of a sudden all these villains from British literature appeared. Then a flock of Mary Poppinses came in to save the day.


why is that offensive? It's a nightmare in a child's mind. Assuming they didn't finish the series, what did you expect to happen?

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what happened?


I was just ticked because that's not how it's supposed to go. I was amking a joke. note the "lol"


Mary Poppins would be dead instantly in the face of Voldemort. Only Harry Potter can kill him.

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