It's ridiculous that a cleaning lady comes to my house to clean every other day when I only have 3 other siblings, one of which is 19 and works all the time and the other two being 9 and 12 years of age. amirite?

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Your parents could save so much money by giving them a small weekly allowance to clean up their own shit.

It may be a little unnecessary, but hey, it's a win-win. You get a really clean house and someone in need gets a job. :)

Teaching responsibility to your younger siblings by not hiring a cleaning lady isn't ridiculous. You could try that lol

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The reason why I say it's ridiculous is because my little sister and brother just sit and make HUGE messes, and literally never clean them up because, oh, the cleaning lady is coming.
I actually just edited the post and kinda left out an important detail. She comes about every other day.
And it's immediately after she cleans my brother and sister go right to making huge messes in the area she just finished. Which is rude, I think. lol in all honesty, I really didn't add enough details in the actual post showing WHY the whole thing is ridiculous

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