If there is an afterlife, and you find your late wife or husband, the bond of marriage is over and they should not be required to stay married. Obviously a huge majority of people would stay with their spouse after death because of how they loved them and spent their life with them, but for those who decide it's time to move on, it's understandable that they would take heed on the part that says "...till death do you part?", amirite?

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You really thought this through...

The ending of Titanic makes so much more sense now.

It's not like there'd be any form of law enforcement in the afterlife, so I suppose you're on the honour system,

I wouldn't have anything about death doing us part in my vows. If it's true love, my ghostly self will still love them.

You're not required to be with them when you're alive, why would the afterlife be any different?

For all who decided to stay with their partner, this would be a considerable problem if reincarnation was in play. Especially if a belief system in a past life required you to stay with a partner in the afterlife.

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This post isn't just talking about Christian Heaven. I think it's supposed to refer to any potential afterlife.


I was thinking that too, but I sort of ignored the last line because I think it defeats the greater purpose of the post. As you said, the answer is obvious for Christians, so this post should really be addressed to others. Should Atheists who discover there is some vague and generic afterlife, for example, still be sworn by ther love?

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