People with diagnosed mental health conditions should be allowed to use the disabled bathrooms without being fined. Although people with physical conditions should be given priority, mental health disabilities are still disabilities, amirite?

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I came here to say pretty much just that.

You can get fined for that?

@guineasaurusrex You can get fined for that?

In certain places, if the police catch you, and depending on how big of an arsehole they are, yes, you can get fined for using the disabled bathrooms if you are not disabled, or the bathrooms of the wrong sex.

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fuck that, everybody uses the disability stall.

If they need assistance in using the bathroom, sure, because it can be hard for two people to fit into one regular stall. But if they're independent, there's really no need for them to use that bathroom. It's not a special honor or anything, it's a necessity.

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