Horror movies that use music cues just to get a jump scare are bullshit. It's been done countless times, and it's annoying as hell, so just get some real god damn writers, amirite?

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They work well for jump scares. They basically develop half the jump scare. It's jump scares that are cheap and shit; they don't psychologically plant themselves into your head, they just make you scared for a quick second.

Things like Slenderman and Amnesia are done well to keep you on your toes even after you're done with them. Movies should be the same way. But cheap jump scares? They don't do anythng.


If it can actually create an atmosphere, well done. But if the movie uses it entirely for a jump scare, it's kind of a copout.

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Jump scares can work though. If you were in te scenario that's happening in the movie, an the monster popped out at you, it'd legitimately scare the hell out of you. However, the music wouldn't actually be there. There's no excuse for that other than "shit, we don't know how to write horror movies."

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It works.

@brunetterox915 It works.

Thats not the point. The point is that it's been done countless times, and your attitude is only encouraging their lack of creativity.

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@brunetterox915 It works.

I don't have a problem with it, is what I'm saying.

I think more people should hire Hans Zimmer to write their stuff. He's a musical genius.

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