Getting involved with people you know are leaving very soon is not a good idea --- you convince yourself you can just enjoy yourselves for those few weeks or months, but eventually the thought of them leaving is like a dagger to the heart. amirite?

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I know this looks like the Ross-Emily thing from friends, but I'm not actually talking about that specific thing, haha.

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Story time: So I left for college this fall and went to a school where none of my friends go. Being the shy interneter/fangirl i am, I'm not very good at making friends, but i found one girl that i really click with. She likes all the same fandoms i do, she compliments my personality (i'm quiet, she's talkative. She's a bit wild and i'm the tamer voice of reason) and its going nicely. The problem is next year she's already signed up to study abroad, and I'm scared of making her my new "best friend" because I know she'll be gone by this time next year and i'd have to start all over again.

I know, cool story bro, you should tell it at parties. I needed to rant and normally you amiriters are pretty good at listening and advising.

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