Just because a transgender person has a different genetic sex doesn't mean they should be treated differently because they're their new gender where it counts, amirite?

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No. Marriage is a special case because your history and the person you used to be still counts. I would be friends with a fully rehabilitated drug addicts of someone with a disorder of some kind, but I wouldn't marry them. When you marry a person, you marry their past as well.

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I'm talking about every day life. I treat people of all races the same, but for some reason, I don't feel sexually attracted to dark-skinned people. My sexual turn offs are separate form how I treat people normally.

It's also the idea of being pleasured by cells with a y-chromosome. I guess it's like most straight guys would feel gay getting a hand job fro ma man even though women have hands too. I would think of it as a man's vagina because it's more like a vagina-like structure than an actual vagina. And before you say anything, that is also the reason I don't jerk off.

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