Though it would initially suck, it would be kinda cool to lose your sense of taste, that way you could just always eat healthy because you wouldn't have a preference of a certain kind of food (i.e. junk food), amirite?

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Or if I could make healthy food taste like junk food.

Texture would still be a problem. And personally I think most fruit taste better than most junk food. Also it would be terrible that your only incentive to eat would be survival, not pleasure. You'd probably resort to just eating whatever was easiest to eat because you just don't care. Probably just a smoothie filled with everything you need. While it would be good for you I don't think it would be worth it.

@Scientist Texture would still be a problem. And personally I think most fruit taste better than most junk food. Also it would...

Why is it terrible to eat for survival, not pleasure? Animals do it. Why isn't it "worth it" to just drink a nutrient-rich smoothie?

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@Scientist Texture would still be a problem. And personally I think most fruit taste better than most junk food. Also it would...

Whether I can taste or not I still have to eat. I would much prefer being able to taste. Obviously I would still eat if I couldn't taste. But it would by no means be "cool".

I'm skinny, but probably not healthy because I have a terrible diet. I hate anything that is healthy. So that would be perfect for me.

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I like the way healthy food tastes over junk food anyway and I would miss the taste. I think healthy food gets a bad rep. It doesn't have to taste bad. Ex: a salad made with red bell pepper, almonds or walnuts, sun flower seeds, maybe some tomatoes and sesame ginger dressing. Or get rid of the bell pepper and tomato and use strawberries and the same dressing or a raspberry vinaigrette.

My mom's friend has a son who was born without taste buds. They found out when he wouldn't eat anything when he got old enough to start eating real food - because, as it turns out, he couldn't taste it - and took him to the doctor and they did some tests and found out he doesn't have taste buds. You'd think that would mean he could eat whatever and wouldn't care because he can't taste it, but actually he can't eat food BECAUSE he can't taste it. He has to eat this tasteless stuff packed with all the nutrients and vitamins and all that good stuff that he needs so he doesn't die or anything, but otherwise he doesn't eat regular food because he can't taste it. He doesn't drink much other than water, as well. If he loses too much weight, he has to go to the hospital and they keep him there until he puts on enough weight and they send him home and the cycle just goes on and on. So you would think not being able to taste would be healthier, but it's not. At least, not in most cases.

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i prefer most healthy foods over junk foods any day as well... i just thought it was an interesting thought.

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It's easy to eat healthy. Wanting to lose your tastebuds seems extreme to me. It takes more effort to buy, get up and grab, open, and eat junk food than it does to just not eat it.

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The same could be said for pretty much anything: it would initially suck, but would be kinda cool.

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I actually knew a woman who lost her sense of smell and taste in a car accident, she got really depressed and had to go to all sorts of clinics :(

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