It's sad that now-a-days people make fun of others because of their good qualities. "Wow you're still a virgin? That's so sad man, I can't believe you're waiting for the right person!" "You've never been drunk? What a fun killer!" "You don't wanna smoke pot with us? Pussy." It's even worse when people give in to peer pressure. Amirite?

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I always find it funny when people think that peer pressure for sex and drugs is a new thing.
Also none of those things you listed are "good qualities" they are your own personal choice.

i disagreed because i don't really see being a virgin as a good quality. if you wanna keep your virginity cool, if you don't want to cool

I don't see those as bad qualities, but I don't think having sex, drinking, or doing drugs as bad qualities either. Sure, if you have sex with other people while in a monogamous relationship or spread STD's, those are bad qualities. If you are an alcoholic with a failing liver that is a bad quality. If you overdose and die or steal money to support your drug habit, that is a bad quality. But everyone who has sex doesn't cheat, everyone who drinks isn't an alcoholic, and everyone who does drugs isn't addicted.

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"you're not a virgin? slut!"
"you drink? you must not have a lot going for you"
"you smoke? don't be such a burnout!"

I was straight edge in high school and people would ask if I wanted to drink or get high but they were totally cool with it when I told them no. I wasn't called a pussy or a fun killer.

Okay, the first one is more often than not because of bad qualities that make you unattractive. I'm the only abstinent guy I know, but I know several likely forever alones. I agree 10%

Not getting drunk is usually due to uptight-ness rather than any good quality. I understand that uptight-ness is actually self-control, but its self-control to a fault. Unless you don't like the taste, So I agree 30% for this.

In Singapore, I think you can get capital punishment for enough pot, or maybe that's just the stronger drugs like heroin and cocaine. In the US, however, I think most people smoke pot just for fun and don't truly get addicted, even mentally. Like Ted, Marshall and Lily on HIMYM. In that case, if you never smoked pot, its probably due to uptight-ness, but drugs are worse than alcohol, so its possible to avoid drugs while not being quite uptight, but just very self-controlling. I aggre with this 50%.

I understand that all of these may be due to good qualities, but statistically, they're probably due to bad or excessive qualities. I total, I agree 30% overall, so I NW.

Well, when you put it like that.....ok.

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