It seems like Americans are brainwashed to hate China, amirite?

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Why do you say that?

@ThisBlackChick Why do you say that?

They just seem to think everyone is either starving, working at foxconn. The hate comes from people "stealing jobs" which isn't even their fault; they need jobs too. If you're going to hate, go hate the shitty government, not the country. It's full of people just like us who just want to survive. Maybe they're hated because they're pretty "brainwashed" too, just like us. There's also a huge stigma against them, which makes people say things like they want China destroyed. They're just trying to do what we're trying to do, get to the top and stay there. China has a history of being the greatest country in the world and there are some feelings of wanting to be back. The government is obviously corrupted as hell and should be removed, but you have to see the other side of the story. The communists won against the Japanese in WWII, saving tons of people, and therefore they're praised. They're an entire country of humans just like us, under a government, however messed up it is, that is currently helping them by surging the economy and bringing them back up. There are millions of reasons to hate the government, but the people are just people.

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@MusicIsAGift China isn't communist...

It's officially communist, but yeah they're not completely communist, because that wouldn't work so well.

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@ThisBlackChick Why do you say that?

Many Americans seem to hate the Chinese, and think that China is some hell hole where everyone is miserable. Sure, they have their problems but it's like we always feel the need to hate them. Also, every time they accomplish an achievement, many Americans tend to down play it. Ex. It seems like every time the China wins an Olympic medal, the NBC commentator downplays it like nothing happened.

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Yeah, cause the hate has nothing to do with China's crippling effect on the American economy or because of the many health issues that come from companies who hide the dangerous parts of their product while exporting. It's also not very hard to notice China's HORRENDOUS legal system.

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Are you serious? Do you know nothing about how often innocent people are framed/jailed/executed? It is a massive issue that many countries condemn. Human rights are a huge issue in every country, and when news get out about a 20 year old college student being executed for a small crime, most people are upset, not just in America.

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It doesn't. I like how you got antsy for an answer. Do you really have nothing better to do?

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Not anywhere near to the extent that the Chinese are brainwashed to hate the Japanese.

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There is no fairness in that. I really think it is stupid that countries hold grudges based on what happeduring wars. The Chinese did the same messed up stuff to the Koreans in the first half of the 2nd millennium. The Portuguese did horrible things to the Chinese and Indians back in the 17th century. The Spanish did horrible things to a lot of people during the Spanish inquisition. The Americans did truly terrible things to Japanese people during and after the WWII. Our respective governments use these events to brainwash us and use it to further their political agendas but if we just open our eyes and utilize the internet, we'll see through all their bullshit.

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I think a lot of the reason people here don't like them is because they steal our ideas and designs all the time. They hack into our systems and steal things and then use as their own ideas. They sell all kinds of counterfeit American products there, they even have an apple store that's completely counterfeit.

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What's good about modern China..?

I think you meant: "It seems like Americans are brainwashed."

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