There's no possible non-depressing end to the story of Calvin and Hobbes. If they stay friends forever, Calvin will be the weird kid who brings a stuffed tiger to high school, but if Calvin grows up and leaves Hobbes behind... that's equally depressing, amirite?

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Wunderscores avatar Wunderscore Yeah You Are +12Reply

I ACTUALLY just teared up after seeing that.

Lilblair16s avatar Lilblair16 Yeah You Are +6Reply

Yeah but even that picture implies that at some point he started seeing Hobbes as a stuffed tiger, not a real one.

Cptn_Go_Captains avatar Cptn_Go_Captain Yeah You Are +4Reply

Happy ending right here.

Almost like the movie Ted.

goodtimes avatar goodtime Yeah You Are +8Reply

I think bringing a stuffed tiger to high school would be so fucking cool.


That one nearly made me cry.

EmptyMelodiess avatar EmptyMelodies Yeah You Are +3Reply

I guess we just have to kill calvin.

Ethans avatar Ethan Yeah You Are 0Reply
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