You feel like you think differently than most others, as in your brain works differently. amirite?

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No, you are dying organic matter just like everybody else.

(If you don't get the reference I'm going to feel like a horrible person, and you don't watch good movies)

More than a few people probably think I'm legitimately insane. I'd like to think I'm just hyper-sane, and people can't handle that level of sanity. I'm all about facts, logic, and reason; whilst humans are emotional creatures. I'm not saying I'm smarter than anyone else or anything, I'm just saying my thought process is too devoid of emotion and conventional human ideals. I tend to look at things from a Universal standpoint, rather than the standpoint of a person.

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other people have told me that too :D

this made me think of sheldon from the big bang theory :P

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Anybody thought of Bella from Twilight...?

@CherryBlossom Anybody thought of Bella from Twilight...?

I've only read the first book, but that was enough. It was definitely a problematic book, but I do remember it quite well.

@CherryBlossom Anybody thought of Bella from Twilight...?

In the book, there's a lot of mention on how she thinks differently than kids her age and how she's more mature. And Edward can't read her mind like the others. She contemplates a lot on how her brain must be different. And that someone attracts Edward to her more.

@CherryBlossom Anybody thought of Bella from Twilight...?

Oh, wow. When I remember Twilight, I just remember how much it annoyed me.

@CherryBlossom Anybody thought of Bella from Twilight...?

I read the whole series, and some of the things that happen later are enough to make you forget everything else to do with the book.