It's really irritating when people call you nerdy for reading. Yes, I enjoy reading. Yes, I have crushes on fictional characters, but what's wrong with that? Just because my hobbies are a bit more educationally based doesn't mean I need to be classified under something different than my classmates. Just the fact that I read a lot doesn't mean I don't have friends and I spend my entire life alone hacking into computers and doing other stereotypical "nerd" shit, amirite?

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I see nothing wrong with being called a nerd. But then again, I'm a Nerdfighter. I take it as more of a compliment, lol.

I don't like reading, but that Tifa Lockhart.

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I usually just smile to myself and think 'I'll be stepping on your face on my way to the top'.

And what if you did those last things, who's to say those aren't fun things either? How is being a nerd a bad thing?

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Omg. U practically stole those words from my mouth. That is EXACTLY something I'd say. Woah. Just woah.

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Read what you just wrote. You're a fucking nerd, whether you like it or not.

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