We all have that one pothead friend, amirite?

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more like, "we all have that one friend who doesn't smoke, amirite?"

All friends smoke pot.. except for one or two.

We actually call ours "hashead", haha, but yeah you're right

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I have a friend who sells pot. Close enough?

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I'm not a pot-head, but this is why I smoke alone. I don't want other people to deal with my shit when I'm high. I don't want to deal with other people's shit, but mostly the former.

Lol..yeah "one" more like all of them.

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Yep, she's my best friend. We live completely different lifestyles, but we just get along really well together.

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Christian college ftw...very few potheads =D

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Sex happens, but it's not allowed by school policy and the people that do it have to do it secretly in their cars or in the woods, because our dorms have a strict policy. The opposite sex is only allowed on the floors at certain hours and can only be in a room with the lights on and door open. The RA on duty walks around and enforces these rules.

I don't know how common sex is at normal schools, but I'd say only 5% (or less) of my school's students are sexually active

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