TV writers need to realize that Biology, Chemistry and Physics aren't the only science classes offered in high school, amirite?

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Why do they need to realise that? Is it affecting the quality of their shows?

There not the only ones but they are they most common. It makes sense they get the most representation.

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Funny how all I ever got in high school science were exactly those three, in exact order.

What else is there? That's all I had at my school.

Is it just me or the only math classes on tv are geometry and calculus (to make a point that a character is smart).

That's what we had. And then Anatomy & Physiology along with Environmental Science.

I took physics, chemistry, and biology in that order, then took AP Environmental Science for my senior year. Only physics, chemistry, and biology were required, but most students ended up taking a fourth year of science. I am happy to have the AP credits.

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Am I the only one with forensics?

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