It's ridiculous when people try to claim that boycotting Chick-Fil-A are persecuting the company for expressing their opinion and taking away their freedom of speech. If Chick-Fil-A has the right to support a cause then people have the right to not support them as well, amirite?

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Whats wrong with Oreo?

@BP032 Whats wrong with Oreo?

Oreo put out an ad (before the whole Chick fil a thing) that depicted a cookie with rainbow colors in the middle. Personally, I think it's false advertisement because I wanted to try that delicious looking cookie. But anyway, the situation was like this one except instead of homosexuals getting pissed off it was homophobes.

I personally think it's wise to keep strong opinions out of business and away from customers. It shouldn't be and isn't outlawed, but it's not smart by any means.

Now if a gay bar came out with an ad that supported gays, that would be completely understandable because the majority of its customers are probably gay. But if half your customer base might be offended by a certain opinion you hold, then you probably should keep it to yourself.

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There are mayors and congressmen trying to keep new Chick-fil-A's out of their city/states. This is wrong. If they want Chick-fil-A to stay out of their jurisdiction, they should let the public continue their boycott and let that be it. There is no reason for the government to get it's greasy fingers all over this situation.

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Luckily, here in the US and in many other countries, people are allowed to make choices and opinions for themselves. I personally think it's dumb to boycott a company because it expresses the same rights that everyone else has, but the people boycotting it are fully within their right to handle it however they want.

@Wunderscore Luckily, here in the US and in many other countries, people are allowed to make choices and opinions for...

It's not that they're boycotting them simply because of what Chik-fil-a believes it's that they directly help anti-gay organizations.

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