Most of the time when you argue with someone, you realize that the reason you can't persuade them is because they're not really listening. They remain detached for fear of being infected by your ideas, amirite?

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At least, that's what we like to tell ourselves...

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I forgave this lexical error, haha. because I feel the sentiment of this post.

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This just happened, they ignored numbers and facts and links and argued a bunch of points that have already been answered and shot down.

@John_MacTavish Youre wrong

While I don't agree with "most", I've experienced this a lot too, when it's clear people haven't listened to a word you've said. Perhaps the thing about being infected is a bit much too, but the general idea of people just ignoring what you say completely and not taking anything on board is quite right.

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It's true, but I don't realize it.

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