Your boss (or principal) never just calls you to the office for tea and cookies, amirite?

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Actually (I just thought about this), my boss did invite me to his desk for coffee and peanut butter crackers because I felt faint and needed to raise my blood sugar. Does that count?

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That would be much too proper.

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He doesn't call me to the office at all foreveralone smilie

Once, second week into my freshman year of high school, they called me down because they somehow thought I had poked holes in the seat on the bus (when I actually didn't), and once in the "Where should I go, out of the colleges I got accepted to?" stage of senior year, they called me down to dismiss me on the day that I left class early to drive to my sample piano lesson at a college I was considering. Neither of these was for tea and cookies, although the people were friendlier on the second occasion.

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I actually have eaten cookies with the principal in elementary school

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