Guys: you have never worn a predominantly pink shirt or pair of pants in public. amirite?

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The number of p words in this post is purely coincidental.

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Yeah I usually dont wear pants in public.

I think guys look douchey when wearing pink.

@GiggityGoo22 I think guys look douchey when wearing pink.

Rowanne, fashion is an indication of the wearer's personality (unless they're being a, for lack of a better term, "poser"). Color combinations and clothing styles reflect the person's likes and dislikes, which is why it's common to see, for instance, a person interested in "darker" things to wear black or gothic fashions. An artistic person might go for a more modern style (tight denim, thick-rimmed glasses, etc.). A thug will go baggy pants, loose white shirt or hood. That doesn't mean that all those types of people are strictly related to that style, but stereotypes and labels exist for a reason, and that's because people fit into them. Even not having a general style tells me that that person doesn't care for fashion (which, to me, is someone I want to talk to).

Similarly, a man wearing a pink shirt is probably a man who thinks he's cool and "manly" enough to wear it. It's normally an embarrassment to wear anything pink for a guy, but to wear it proudly either tells me you're gay (and probably a flamer), or you're an over-confident person who thinks he's cool.

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@GiggityGoo22 I think guys look douchey when wearing pink.

Seriously? Calm down. I said they LOOK douchey not they are douchey. You can look like a douche and be a nice person, so go nitpick someone else's comment.

@GiggityGoo22 I think guys look douchey when wearing pink.

Because rather than get to know someone, let's judge them on the color of their shirt. Makes sense.

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