While the Information Age has chipped away at human ignorance in general, it has also increased ignorance of one's own ignorance. People will skim an article online, assume its validity, immediately claim expertise, then use social networking sites as soapboxes to spew their uninformed ideas. And the worst part is, they will have gleaned enough to sound somewhat intelligible, further spreading their faux-knowledge, amirite?

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I skimmed this post and quickly upvoted it, and then chuckled to myself.

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Someone did that today and it pissed me off, they made a comment with statistics that they got off an open letter to the internet that they didn't fact check and people voted them up for it -_-

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You had me until the whole "faux-knowledge" thing, where you tried to get ahead of awesome. That was the combo-breaker, for me. Still, you drew me in with the buzzwords ("Information Age") and timeless metaphors ("chipped away at human ignorance"). Now I'm thinking about telematics and information sickness.

Did you glance at an article that made similar claims and decided to post it on here as your own idea while at the same time completely saturating the situation with irony?

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@Did you glance at an article that made similar claims and decided to post it on here as your own idea while at the...

Negative, but there might be a dribbling of irony with me using this site as a soapbox for my ideas, while complaining about others using websites as soapboxes for their ideas.

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Not only that, but people fail to use even valid sources correctly so that those who would've been ignorant before the Information Age are now mindless parrots spewing the 5 syllable words they read somewhere online without actually understanding any of the things that enter their thoughtless excuses for brains.

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