Your parents say the most ridiculous things when they're trying to win an argument with you, amirite?

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"[insert something I did at least a year ago that has nothing to do with this current situation]!"

Sarcasm_on_ices avatar Sarcasm_on_ice Yeah You Are +17Reply

"Do you LIKE having a phone?"

GiggityGoo22s avatar GiggityGoo22 Yeah You Are +13Reply

They think authority alone will win the argument.

Skr3wBalls avatar Skr3wBall Yeah You Are +8Reply

"Because I said so!"

AdonisBatheuss avatar AdonisBatheus Yeah You Are +6Reply

"Whatever, I'm done talking to you. insert exaggerated silent treatment"

My mom has the maturity of a six year old sometimes.

msdriscos avatar msdrisco Yeah You Are +5Reply

"Am I your dad or are you my dad"

Anonymous +2Reply

"Are you able to move the TV? "

thatgirlss avatar thatgirls Yeah You Are 0Reply

"It's my house!"

When discussing how her dog misbehaves/pees inside of it.

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