Nothing brings a neighborhood together more than a cop car being at a neighbor's house. amirite?

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Can we all just share our stories without being coolstorybro'd? Okay good.

I was at my friend's house for a party and all of a sudden a neighbor bangs on the door saying "you gotta get out here there're cops outside Kristen's house!" and the whole party ran outside. The people living in the house had left for vacation that day, and apparently the cops had gotten a 911 call saying "help me help me" from the houses number, so they broke down the door. As it turns out, there's some website or app or something and it fakes a caller ID. Also the people who pulled this "prank" had probably been watching the house for when the people left and probably still were.

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Or ambulance.

@Emyleigh Or ambulance.

Oh man, that is too exciting!!! Good thing it wasn't at your house!

@Emyleigh Or ambulance.

It was actually a firetruck, ambulance, and police car!

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