bullying needs to be stopped but pouring tons of money into causes that claim to work at stopping it is just stupid! telling people to stop isn't going to make everyone stop! instead of lecturing high school students about how bad bullying is, why don't we spend more time teaching younger children how to be good people, amirite?

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Our school always said "don't cyber bully, if you do, we can suspend you." My friend's younger sister was cyber bullied. She went to the school, and they said they cant do anything about it, even though she has proof of the mean messages sent.

I think one of the best ways to stop bullying is probably promoting empathy in younger kids -- which I guess falls under the idea of "teaching them to be good people." We also need to figure out how to more efficiently help kids who have low self-esteem.

Even people who turn out to be good in the end can be bullies when they're very young. It's among the more animalistic aspects of human nature. I remember at school I was guilty of bullying one or two people who were smaller than me. I now feel it was probably out of my own feelings of inadequacy, and yet I was also receiving top-notch education, particularly in life skills and social education. Still, I'm not totally sure why I did it, and I'm not proud of it. I think the important thing was that I learned that being a bully was a terrible thing, and I showed remorse for it and asked forgiveness from the people I victimized.

I don't think just telling younger kids "to be good people" is a definite enough solution for bullying. A lot of bullies pick on others because of self-esteem issues or problems at home. It's difficult to find the source of these problems that cause bullying unless you can talk to people who know the kid personally.

TL;DR - I disagree because it's just not that simple.

thank you! people should stop throwing money away on all this anti bullying shat.

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I agree but there's always going to be people who are just "dicks" for lack of a better word. Not everyone is the same.

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