Since there's a Superman movie coming out called "The Man of Steel" and a Batman movie was called "The Dark Knight" they should name more superhero movies after the character's nickname. The next Spider-man movie should be called "The Web-Slinger", a Hulk movie can be called "Giant Green Rage Monster" and they should make an Aqua-man movie and call it "The Worst Superhero Ever: The Movie", amirite?

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You probably wanna steer clear of large bodies of water for a while.

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Aquaman is one fishy character. (I'm sorry I've been holding that in my brain for like 5 months.)

Sarcasm_on_ices avatar Sarcasm_on_ice Yeah You Are +10Reply

theyve already made aquaman's movie. it's called "the little mermaid".

The sexy yet triumphant paper salesman. Coming to movie theaters near you.

Dwights avatar Dwight Yeah You Are +2Reply

Squirrel Girl should get her own movie. I'd watch the shit out of that.

Deadpools avatar Deadpool Yeah You Are 0Reply

Finally another superman movie!! He's so underrated these days ):

Samiras avatar Samira Yeah You Are -2Reply

Personally I think the Flash is the worst superhero. HE HAS ONE JOB. BEING FAST. wary smilie

TargetLadys avatar TargetLady Yeah You Are -3Reply
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