When you drink and drive, you endanger lives; but when you toke and drive all you do is miss your exit, amirite?

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Well I've never done that. But I have spilled Taco Bell all over my lap.

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And what's really the tragedy here? Swerving or spilling your munchies? The munchies. Come on. Priorities people.

Waiting 11 minutes at the stop sign, & getting all riled up because it hasn't turned green


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Science says otherwise. "Drivers who consume cannabis within three hours of driving are nearly twice as likely to cause a vehicle collision as those who are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol claims a paper published today on bmj.com"

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Smoke weed.

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That may be, but only 32% of car crashes in 2008 were caused by drunk drivers. So while it may increase the probability of crashing, that doesn't mean you'll get in an accident. I mean, I'll never get high and drive, but I have been in a car with a high driver and I couldn't see much of a difference.


I've been in a car with a drunk driver and I didn't notice much of a difference either. Of course I was also drunk so maybe that's why. But I was just pointing out that when you toke and drive, you still endanger lives.

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Totes agree.

sometimes not even that!

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Happened to me before & ended up driving downtown for an hour

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