It's really patronizing when adults tell teenagers that they can't be stressed because there is nothing to be stressed about or that they're to young to have to worry about anything. Our teenage-young adult years are really what shapes our futures. So we should stress about being able to get good grades. We should stress out about college. And getting a job. What they need to tell us is not to stress ourselves for the wrong reasons. Amirite?

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My parents tel me this all the time, they're like you have nothing to think about, you dont have a family to take care of and junk. And I'm like yeah you're right, that means i think about nothing. I'M A POTATO MOM.

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i have never heard that before....my parents are always yelling at me to work harder because life will be so much better if i just work my butt off in this next year before college
(i'm asian though, so maybe that explains it.)

This reminds me of the That So Raven episode where Cory got a hot tub.

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somebody call the waaaambulance!

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