You can't be 'too young to fall in love,' because people mature and feel emotions at different levels. You can't assign a specific age at which you're allowed to fall in love. This isn't a driver's license, amirite?

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5 months old can be considered "too young to fall in love". There are ages where it's obviously too young, but as you approach the soonest possible age for it, it gets too murky to say for sure.

Similarly to a drivers license (unlike the post implies), people are physically and emotionally mature enough to handle and feel it at different ages than others, so there sin't a universal age where it suddenly everyone's ready for it. There are ages where people definitely are not ready, and ages where people definitely can be ready.

We can't assign a minimal age for it, but that doesn't immediately mean any age is possible to fall in love at. Like I said, an infant is probably too young to fall in love. It can love, but not fall in love.

I agree that there is no definitive age, however there is the factor of emotional maturity.

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