Synchronized swimming is the most hilarious of all the Olympic sports, amirite?

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Have you seen racewalking?

@Chewbanshee Have you seen racewalking?

Really? I never knew they had that. Yo I could probably win that shit.

@Chewbanshee Have you seen racewalking?

Haha I never speed walk in public cause your butt just ends up moving all over the place.

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Yeah, I honestly can't keep from laughing when I watch it. But in all seriousness, it takes a lot of strength to say afloat that long when they do handstands and all that shit. They aren't allowed to touch the poor floor at all during the whole sequence.

Their facial expressions always make me laugh.

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I think you mean, "is the most hilarous of all summer Olympic sports."
because curling done by the French Canadian's when they're screaming at a rock in French, is by far, the most "hilarous of all Olympic sports."

I was watching some event the other day and it was these two small Asian girls jumping around and kicking their legs at each other and I have no idea what it was but it was hilarious.

try watching handball

No. Rhythmic gymnastics.

It's the weirdest thing I have ever seen. They are very athletic and talented, obviously, but they're probably just people who couldn't get to the Olympics in regular gymnastics haha

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