If sites like Chatroulette and Omegle were run professionally, requiring user accounts and having moderators ensure appropriate behavior, then the sites would be fantastic. Users could set up basic profiles, join groups of people with similar interests, and actually use the sites for their original purpose: wholesome and entertaining chats with people across the globe, amirite?

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Well what if it is still anonymous. Like you can't look at a persons account but if during anonymous chat try decide they like you they can give you their account name that then gives you ability to see the account.

Idk about chatroulette but Omegle's tag line has always been "talk to strangers". Not "have wholesome and entertaining chats with strangers". The "original purpose" you claimed is something you just made up. Not every person on Omegle is there for the reason you're there but such is life. I think Omegle is most fascinating in its current, unregulated form.

You kinda described a social media website mixed in with a dating site.

Yeah, I'm with the commentors above me. I think creating accounts would defeat the whole purpose of having a totally anonymous conversation, and that's what makes those websites so entertaining.

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people like chatroulette sites because they are anonymous and can't be tracked so that defeats the purpose if your going to make people register... that's why I like http://www.hotxchat.com

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I think those sites are great. Thats what makes them soo much fun and exciting is talking with someone who you have no clue their name etc. I personally stopped using omegle and now use camzap and http://www.chatrevolve.com

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