The most attractive part of a lady is her FEET, amirite?

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you've only seen a girls feet haven't you?

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I find that the most erotic part of the woman is the boobies.

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Tarantino, is that you?

@HSC Tarantino, is that you?

So what I was thinking!

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Rex Ryan would agree.

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and her face, and her body, also her chest (boobies), and her butt, and her hair pretty much everywhere actually

as long as feet are a euphenism for breasts.

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well, if you don't like them, just cut off the feet of whoever is your current girlfriend, and life becomes simpler

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I wouldn't say most attractive, but feet are damn sexy.

I don't get it... Hahaha

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people with feet fetish :D

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Holy crap I'm surprised this is so low. a lot of guys actually like cute feet and girls. Probably wouldn't say most attractive, but it's up there.

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Err, not if they have vorucas

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. . . umm ok then. . .

You can't get over a foot fetish. It's with you for life.

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This is hilarious.

this is like that guy from "true life" with a foot fetish...

Lmao...her feet

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Chill out Rex Ryan.

Usually no

Is this suposed to be some cind of sarcasm?

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I generally look at people's faces not all the way down at their feet. So get over your little feet fetish.

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it goes like this in this order

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you are definitery Asian

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