Call Me Maybe is too fucking catchy to hate, amirite?

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Catchiness is a cheap way to get someone to like music. I don't like having songs stuck in my head. I want to listen to music when I want to, not when I'm taking a test having the same verse repeat in my head over and over.

Just 'cause it's catchy doesn't mean it's good

To me, it's JUST annoying enough to hate.

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That guy owns more bikinis than I do.

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Just because sometime's catchy doesn't mean it's good. Friday is catchy.
Call Me Maybe is cute and fun and catchy. That's why I like it.

kipkayifys avatar kipkayify Yeah You Are +1Reply

I enjoy catchy music. There's not much else I can say about that. It doesn't mean I'm against things with meaning, but personally I'm more inclined to get my meaning from books and movies. Music is just my source for things tat sound good to me.

Anyway, yes, I love that song. :)

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Say that after you've listened to the Kidz Bop version..

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