Guys, don't you hate it when you're talking to a girl and she's just staring at your dick? Like, hellooo, my eyes are up here! Amirite?

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i know how to make mine grow, i am in full control

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I fucking love FlotatiousTurd.


They should just get penis implants...


So how is it any worse to judge someone's appearance by their boobs than it is to do so by their face?

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@YeahIAM: this is true, but only to an extent. Genetics is a key factor, which is why I didn't list it.

@Kickass: I never know what you're talking about.

@everyone: the comment system is confusing.


Welcome to the internet

Marios avatar Mario Yeah You Are +2Reply

I see... But you understand that boob size/shape can be a contributing factor, or even a deal breaker for some (HHH for example) to someone's appearance right?

B10ckH34ds avatar B10ckH34d Yeah You Are +2Reply

I wish that was a real thing.


No, you can also control your weight and your muscle tone.


Isn't pretty much all of your appearance, other than clothes, make up, and hair, uncontrollable?


Where did that even come from?


Yes I did, which is why I said "other than" because you do control those things. I meant as in you don't control the shape of your face or the size of your nose or my freakishly long monkey toes.


It actually doesn't say anything about either of us, other than I don't ever understand your point and that we most likely think very differently, which still doesn't say anything more about either of us.


I just want to know why calling a girl pretty because of her face is a perfectly reasonable compliment but complimenting her boobs is shallow.

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What you said is like, "You don't have control over your health, except in every way you have control over it."

Which gives you control over it...? Or maybe I'm crazy


@Colebowl, I think that says more about you than it does about me.


Wait... you just listed things that control your appearance wary smilie

I actually prefer it. If they are staring down there, I can stare at their boobs. Win-win.

names avatar name No Way +17Reply

Just so you know, I will stare at a guy's ass if he has a nice one.

@monstruosita Just so you know, I will stare at a guy's ass if he has a nice one.

Asses are different. it's not as disrespectful because you're not doing it blatantly, ie, not right in front of her.

B10ckH34ds avatar B10ckH34d Yeah You Are -3Reply

I know, right? Girls can be such shallow bitches sometimes.

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If you don't want us to stare, you shouldn't sag your pants so low!

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Its about time we objectify men.

what girls do that..? xD

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@what girls do that..? xD

It's actually a joke based on how guys sometimes stare at a girls boobs when she's talking to him. i just flipped it around XD

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