One of the worst things about social medias like Twitter, Facebook, etc. is that people feel like they have made a difference by 'sharing' or 'liking' something. Honestly, all the click does is remove your guilt and give you a false sense of achievement, maybe even brag to your friends about how you acknowledge the issue. If you really want to help those in developing countries, or people with terrible illnesses, donate some of your time/money to the cause. Amirite?

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I wouldn't consider spreading awareness entirely meaningless, but people do tend to think too highly of themselves for simply regurgitating information.

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It's not always entirely based off of a self-serving bias though. I have some friends that just do that because they're too innocent for their own good and the problems of the world really hurt them, and so they do it to feel less sad. But they don't do it to show off to their friends that they're good people, is what I'm saying.

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One of the things that really annoys me is when people share/like those pictures that say "Share if u luv god and ain't ashamed or He will kill your grandma and fuck your cat!!!!!"

You're assuming thart the two are mutually exclusive, which I do not agree with. I volunteer in disadvantaged areas working with kids and animal charities and at home I DO share stuff on Facebook. Knowledge is power and I see nothing wrong with trying to get information out to as many people as possible.

@deeviant You're assuming thart the two are mutually exclusive, which I do not agree with. I volunteer in disadvantaged areas...

That's fine. This 'Amirite' was having a go at the people on site that post things like "1 like = 1 prayer". Knowledge is definitely power but in saying that - don't be that person that helps those in need just because you want to tell people what you do, do it to actually help people.

I don't think I've ever met someone who genuinely believes they're helping a cause by liking a page. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe someone would have to be pretty dense to actually think they're helping out.

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