Political ads: 90% "My opponent is Satan himself, he will do evil wicked things such as rape your children if you vote for him, so you better vote for me!!!"... 10% "These are the things I have done well, and these are the things I plan on doing if you vote for me!" amirite?

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There is actually a political leader in Canada who recently passed away from cancer. He absolutely refused to show negative ads.
He was a remarkable person.

100% lies

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My government teacher made us sit through a 2 hour long movie on political ads... Torture.
But basically, it said that the American public always says they hate negative ads, but that they end up being more effective than positive ads, which is why politicians' campaigns choose to use them. It's not like they WANT to. It's just more effective to scare the public and give them an alternative with pretty music and reassurance.

@TheresAnAppForThat My government teacher made us sit through a 2 hour long movie on political ads... Torture. But basically, it said...

Sad but true. Ever hear the one: Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those that do learn from history are doomed to watch helplessly as those who don't repeat it.

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Yeah, or like the one where you say a lady died of cancer because the opponent laid off her husband and couldn't pay to take care of her. When, in reality, the opponent left the company two years before that person got laid off, and the health care that could have possibly helped her live wasn't coming from the man who got laid off's job, so it wouldn't have mattered either way. Pretty much all political ads are taken way out of context and therefore, bullshit.

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To all the people who agree with this you should go watch the movie The Campaign. Theres one ad where one candidate says that the other is a communist because he has chinese dogs! Its so funny!!

Ultimate mitt romney attack ad


warning rated R for pirates

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