If you won the lottery, you know exactly what you would buy first, amirite?

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A college education.

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@Fred_Weasley A college education.

Holy crap, I'm a white male, I definitely need to add that to my plan (see above).

@Fred_Weasley A college education.

That was my first thought, too....man I don't want to pay for college :/

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Yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.

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Say I win a million dollars ( 809651 euros, 637471 pounds), I would first off, set 40 percent of it to donate (I'd take a long time to figure out the best possible charities). Also, when I say donate, I also mean to family, and close friends.n You might say that's BS, but honestly the money would cause more trouble than the good it would bring. People would try to befriend me and use me just for my money. Then, I would invest another 30%; put 10% in some sort of backup/retirement fund. Which would leave me with a very handsome $10,000 to spend.

I think the first thing I'd have to buy would be a lottery ticket.

A house on the beach in hawaii

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A trip to Ukraine. Then I would just stash away the money until I absolutely needed it.

A bodyguard

I would pay my parents mortgage, college for my siblings and I, and invest the rest until I'm more mature.

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Bills, savings, college, retirement, friends and family. If I still have left over, buy a house or two, and I'll have some spending money left over.

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I'd move out of Edmonton and get myself a church, then become the crazy young woman who lives in a church and never leaves. Ever.

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